Public Function

A public function is a function, that get's invoked by an unlocking script. The body of the function corresponds to the locking script of the contract and the functions arguments to the unlocking script. A contract must have at least one public function.

Public functions don't return any value and must end with a call to require(). If all calls to require() inside the function evaluate as true, then the contract can be redeemed.

A public function can be regarded as a mathematical boolean function. f is the function body and x the function arguments. A contract call succeeds if and only if f(x) returns true.

Multiple Public Functions

A contract can have multiple public functions, representing different ways to fulfill a contract. Only one of the public functions can be called at a time. In this case, the last operator of the unlocking script has to be the index of the public function called, starting from 0. For example, if public function larger is called, unlocking script of y 2 can fulfill the contract below, in which 2 is the public function index.

contract Test {
    int x;

    public function equal(int y) {
        require(y == this.x);

    public function smaller(int y) {
        require(y < this.x);

    public function larger(int y) {
        require(y > this.x);